Wednesday, February 18, 2009

la tegola, salinas drive, lahug, cebu

boy have i missed blogging! it's been sooo long...finally i'm settled with my moving in the city now that i have unlimited access to the web.^^; but first things first, this restaurant that we went to during the holidays (talking about too late, huh!) was incredibly one of the finest here in Cebu...amazing food and the view was just spectacular... since it is located in a mountain top you can see the sparkling lights of the whole of Cebu...would definitely make a very romantic date with your loved ones.

uhm..sooo yummy! one of their bestsellers..

and another one...their pasta is too die for..just cooked with precise perfection!

this is my dish..risotto in marinara sauce

they serve very good steaks too!

and most especially they are famous for their pizza..this one we had is called margarita pizza

what is an italian restuarant without the famous carbonara!

this is served for free while waiting for your orders...who wouldn't want something for free,right?

any meal wouldn't be as much good as it when dined together with friends..i certainly have the best friends in the world..cheers to good food and great friendships!