Saturday, November 1, 2008

yummy spaghetti with bacon and creamy sauce!

ahh..the smell of pasta..the oozing richness of it's sauce...i don't know why but making pastas gets me so excited no matter how simple it is...this pasta is just plain simple spaghetti but i added a different variation to it.
Justify Fullboil the spaghetti in enough water... al dente! heat pan with olive oil and butter. saute onions and garlic, add the ground beef. stir fry for 10 minutes and add the minced bacon, season with salt and pepper. add the all purpose cream. blend well before adding the spaghetti sauce. simmer for another 10 minutes. add a dash of dried thyme and basil. adjust seasoning. serve over hot spaghetti...

this has a really rich and creamy flavor. the combination of beef and bacon is just too fantabulous...and the sauce sooo creamy you don't need to add cheese anymore!!! yummy-licious! i strongly recommend this variation...hope you love it too!

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