Sunday, October 12, 2008

beef ribs stew

it's a beautiful sunday morning...i've been feeling quite tired for some days now but woke up today with renewed vigor and strength. so i prepared an early lunch ( i skipped breakfast so i was in a hurry to get into lunch). beef rib stew or what we call in filipino "nilagang baka" is a hearty meal . growing up i fondly remember that we almost have this every sunday. it's a one pot meal and very easy to prepare. Just wash the beef ribs thoroughly and put in a pot with enough water to cover the ribs, add 2 red onions, ginger (sliced and crushed) and simmer in medium fire. when it's boiling, add cubed sweet potatoes, salt, fish sauce..let it simmer until cooked or when the meat starts to pull off from the ribs. add the cabbage or chinese pechay a minute before turning the fire off. i eat the beef with a dipping mixture of soysauce, lemon juice(kalamansi), and crushed chili peppers (siling labuyo)...just the way filipinos loved it!

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Sweetiepie said...

This is my fav dish.I can eat this everyday :) Your beef ribs stew is yummy.