Wednesday, October 15, 2008

lunch at SENRYU

doing what we like best...dine out!!!

my bestfriend who lives in the states, aisha
meet the gang: mitzie, jenny and aisha
ebi tempura, my favorite

grilled squid
ubagi someting...(i forgot!)
yellow tail sashimi
senryo maki

i had a great lunch yesterday with the company of my friends~my best buddies whom i haven't seen for years~~way back in our uni days it has always been our thing to dine out and explore new and superb cuisines to satisfy our palate...and so this time, among the growing culinary arena and endless choices of restaurants in cebu, philippines we chose to dine at Senryu, a japanese restaurant located at Lahug, Cebu City...i guess we ordered around 9 dishes but i took only a few pics (sorry!). we were so famished that we couldn't wait to dig in...the food was great and slightly cheaper compared to other japanese restaurants that we have been to...only that the ambiance and service is not something that i expected it to's ok was a superb lunch anyway...what could go wrong with these kind of friends around^^*~welcome back van!


Ejang said...

you guys ate a lot~!!
Do Some Exercise!

dona said...

what can i say~we're foodies!