Monday, October 6, 2008

sundown by the beach

for a tropical country such as the philippines, we either have rain or no rain ^^* we never get to appreciate the beauty of spring, autumn, fall and winter...however, what we don't experience we never miss...well, i love our rains anyway( as long as it don't turn into a storm causing blackouts)!!! yesterday was no exception since we are in the BER months, rains are expected anytime of the day until december...but it didn't stop my nephews from going to the beach...thankfully, it didn't rain much at noontime as much as it did in the morning... and so off they go leaving me behind to watch over our family business *grunt* well, i eventually went after them after work which is close to sundown...just in time to have a little fun with  little josh...throwing little rocks in the sea, searching for seashells, running in the's amazing how these simple things can make you feel happy... josh had a lot of fun and i'm glad that i was there with him to share that moment...

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