Friday, October 3, 2008

Budae Jjigae...

i felt so good this morning~well, much much better than the last 4 days, that is. best of all, i've got my taste buds back *grin* so, naturally i'm all up and giddy of cooking once again~for days i've been reading a lot of food blogs much of it are about korean foods( i'm starting to miss my kdramas)...well anyway, just looking at the pictures truly makes my mouth water...wishing i could just fly over to korea that very moment and have a taste for myself *lol*...but wait, why not try and make it on my own?...which i just did over lunch~~i have been meaning to make this dish considering i'm a fan of Jjigae's...i've read several recipes on how to make this stew, give and take the ingredients that are required, i pretty much have the basics and skip on the veges that i don't have...i put on minced onion and garlic to a fair amount of gochujang. Put it in a pan added around 3 cups of pork stock and turn the heat to high. i then added sliced white onions, leeks, chilli, anchovy sauce, hotdogs and spam. since i couldn't have the veges specified i just added sliced cabbage and lastly the ramen. Bring it to a boil and it's good to's REALLY REALLY GOOD! steaming hot and spicy!!!


Park young-ok said...
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Park young-ok said...

Wow~Hi dona ~ At last you cooked the "Bu dae Jjigae"
It looks delicious~~~~~* oh~~
I got hungry^^
How does it taste?
It will be delicious^^
I want to eat your "Budae Jjigae"
you are a really great cook.

dona said...

thanks oka!it is, we all loved it actually^^ but i should not make this often or else i'd gain weight which i don't want to kkkk
i can't wait to let you taste it when you come so i can have a commentary from a korean point of view..kkkk...^^