Wednesday, October 8, 2008

bobby flay's mesa grill cookbook

i must admit that i have one too many food magazines, cookbooks and anything alike~some of it i admit i still haven't read but i just can't get enough of adding from time to time my collection of books. well, aside from cooking though reading is my favorite top 2 pastime (even before kdrama came into my life). i thought of starting out this blogging thing with the focus on food but later on realizing that i wanted to add a personal i am sharing not just food but things and persons that i am passionate about...that have lead me to this wonderful and amazing realm of cooking...

i am sharing bobby flay's mesa grill cookbook (im still currently reading it). what makes it even more extraordinary than being a bobby flay book is the way he shared these precious dishes created with so much passion. the introduction brings you to his beginnings as a dishwasher. a truly great inspiration to all those who eagerly wants to jump start their careers in the culinary world. the photos just wanna make you go running into his restaurants...^^ i can't wait to make a version of these recipes.

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