Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fruit salad in creamy mango sauce

Last Sunday was my son's family day in school and we had a potluck lunch. I was assigned to bring in the dessert and since i was informed on a very short noticed, i went over our pantry and decided to go with fruit salad, a dessert that is very common in filipino household whenever we have special occasions. it's very easy to make just toss in any fruits (mangoes, apples, grapes, pears,banana, cherries..you name it!) but popularly we use fruit cocktails found in cans. I also added cheese, raisins and coconut gel. Blend in with the condensed milk and all-purpose cream. however, with this dessert i wanted to make a difference and instead of just adding sliced mangoes (that's very sweet!) i had it mashed in a food processor so i get to have a creamy mango sauce to blend well with the salad. it's so delicious!

what can get better than these creamy and absolutely yummy salad!

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Ejang said...

what a sweet~~~! i envy you guys. lol ^ ^

dona said...

gomowoyo ejangnim!
it's really very simple~you can whip it out yourself,,~~!