Sunday, October 26, 2008

a day in bantayan island, cebu

i had an overnight trip to bantayan island, north of cebu. my friend wanted me to come with her to find the seashells she's looking for her wedding. a 3 hour drive from the city to hagnaya wharf in san remegio where you will take an hour trip in a ferry to the island of beautiful white sand was a pleasant trip even with the overcrowded ferry with so many passengers at that time. We arrived at Sta Fe port a little past 10 and directly went to the resort i have booked Marlin Beach Resort.

we had lunch at Sta. Fe Beach Club, a place that i frequent to whenever i come to this island. i have tested and proven their dishes...a mix of Filipino, Chinese and Thai cuisine. i super love this place and aside from their dishes they also have a good supply of drinks...cocktails, wine, whisky, vodka and most especially soju (my fave!). it is only in this place of the entire island which offers soju and korean ramen.

this is stuffed pineapple rice with a little meat, mushroom, green peas which cost 140.00, small serving...
chao pa chin...a chinese dish with mixed veges, young corn, mushroom, shrimp, meat and squid...costs fave!
this is stir fry noodles with meat and veges...a Chinese dish that is so Filipino...popularly known as Pansit Canton. my son loves this!!! only 155.00

this is my ultimate favorite...Lemon Chicken. Buttered chicken breast fillet with lemon sauce...with a tangy sweet flavor...super yummy. there is never a meal in this restaurant without this dish...costs 175.00

my favorite appetizer...Chinese sausage with century egg...a definite must-try!!!

we had a full ready to search and find the sea shells that my friend, cindy, is looking for. i'll blog another post entirely for this place Sta Fe Beach Club on my next visit.

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