Sunday, October 26, 2008

Portugese Restaurant in bantayan island, cebu

my friends posing at the beachfront of Marlin Beach Resort while waiting for dinner

i had a light dinner since i did not like the food that we ordered at the resort's restaurant. so after we took a shower, we then head off to explore the nightlife of the island. we rode a trisicad and slowly went by the place...someone suggested Balikbayan's Restaurant. and so we headed to the unfamiliar place, unfortunately the place was packed because of a birthday celebration...even the governor of Cebu was there. so we cruised around until we found Portuguese Restaurant...we asked if they serve pizza and luckily they said they are...we took a table and ordered our pizza and drinks only to find out later on that they ran out of mozarella (oh, brother!) we have no choice since our drinks are already served so we just ordered sandwiches...clubhouse and chicken sandwich

pineapple vodka, pineapple juice, margarita and chicken sandwich
the clubhouse sandwich tastes good especially the filling...but the bread was just so plain and ordinary costs 160.00

this chicken sandwich costs 110.00

my margarita...i have to be honest has a quite strong mix of alcohol...

baked scallop...YUMMY!!! with butter and mozarealla (i thought they ran out of mozarella!)

this costs 150.00...not bad compared to the rest of their menu which is quite expensive

i felt sorry i was not able to take a pic of the restaurant but it's made of a native hut with different flags of the world attached around the walls of the place...they have a buffet dinner with a mix of Europian figures a lot of foreigners are dining at that place. well, for a start, the owner is a foreigner...goes to show the name of the restro..Portugese is side by side with other restaurants as well...just near the resorts. There was a live band in another resort but it was quite far from our place so after we finished everything we head back to our room and called it a day!


Jo said...

those scallops look so delicious.

thanks for dropping by my blog btw. looking at your pictures reminds me of my family in the philippines...i want to go back!


thanks again.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

hi, thanks for stopping by my blog...i loveeee filipino cuisine..and gosh...i am drooling all over the baked scallop dish.

i am DYING to go to cebu/boracay...maybe one of these days, eh?

dona said...

jo~thanks for dropping by too..yeah, come home someday..i bet your family misses u too..=)

rita~you should definitely check out cebu (and boracay too!)...i'll be most welcome to show u around~i super enjoy hunting the best foods and places(esp. the beach) in town..*grin*