Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rice porridge (lugaw) to the rescue~

i'm always fascinated with rains~somehow it always gives a really good feeling...and so 3 days ago i was feeling high with the sound of raindrops, cool breeze of air..i was all perked up thinking what dishes i can whip up in this cold weather when i got the flu bug...suddenly i was not enjoying the climate anymore and worst of all i couldn't taste anything that i eat(what a bummer!)...i had to practically drag myself out of bed and conjure something to make it all go i decided the usual stuff that i make when someone gets sick...rice porridge (lugaw)...i sauteed the strips of chicken breast in lots of ginger( to help heal my sore throat) and garlic in sesame oil before adding the rice and chicken stock. i added fish sauce to give it a flavor...simmer in low fire...added freshly minced parsley and kani sticks shortly before turning off the's amazing how much it gives a boost of energy when you're feeling tired and low...

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Tastes of Home said...

It rained a lot in Malaysia too - and I liked the rainy weather at times too (when I'm indoors!) lol
anyway, love the porridge when I'm not feeling good too. hope u felt better :)