Saturday, October 4, 2008

fettuccine in mixed stir fry...

ok, i wish i was some kind of rachel ray to make up a catchy name for my dishes...i was kinda bummed of using the stir-fry thing over and over....well anyway, i was supposed to make chao pa chin (maybe next time) but decided against it when i don't have the green and red bell peppers and shitake mushrooms that i needed. and so, who can i turn on to than my ever dependable this time, i'm using fettucine (this is so great with carbonara!!!)...i used sliced pork tenderloin marinated in anchovy sauce and lemon juice for about 10 minutes, medium sized prawns and squidd, cut into bite size. i sauteed minced onion and garlic in a quart of butter and olive oil. i used a lot of olive oil to coat the pasta well since it does not have any base sauce. i then added the pork, prawns and squidd...season with salt and pepper. stir fry everything and add the cooked fettuccine. add the half cup of minced parsley, 2 tbsp of cayenne pepper (to add a spicy kick!), 1 tbsp of sugar and dried rosemary leaves. Mix everything well. Add paramesan cheeze. i think what's so great about this dish is the parsley when infused with the olive oil plus dried rosemary wow it smells so heavenly and tastes great too. Also there is this citrusy taste when you dig in the pork, so tender..just goes well with the pasta...perfect!

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